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Lifecycle Manager does not stop solutions when one of them could not be found




      When one of the solutions for which a preference set has settings is not installed on the system, this has the following effects when logging out that preference set:

      • other solutions are not stopped;
      • the lifecycle manager does not create a log of inferred settings.

      Steps to reproduce the issue

      1. On a Windows 7 system (the test ran on a 32-bit English version of Windows 7 Professional), install the pilot branch and all the other dependencies for the matchmakers (see installation instructions at http://wiki.gpii.net/index.php/Installation_Instructions_1Pilots), except NVDA.
      2. Find a preference set that contains settings for both the a magnifier and a screen reader, e.g. http://preferences.gpii.net/user/SDC_test31.
      3. Start either the rule-based matchmaker or the statistical matchmaker and "log in" the above preference set (http://localhost:8081/user/SDC_test31/login in a browser).
      4. Observe that the browser displays an error message that looks like the following: {"isError":true,"message":"ENOENT, no such file or directory 'C:\\Users\\<user_name>\\AppData\\Roaming\\nvda\\nvda.ini'"}


      5. "Log out" using the URL http://localhost:8081/user/SDC_test31/logout and observe that the magnifier is not closed.
      6. Go to the directory where logs are saved (typically C:\logs) and observe that it contains logs from the matchmaker but not from the lifecycle manager.

      Desired outcome

      • The magnifier closes when you log out the preference set.
      • There is a log from the lifecycle manager.

      In the long run, this should be avoided by data about installed solutions that the device reporter sends to the Flow Manager, so the matchmakers can propose settings for solutions that are available or that can be installed/launched on the fly.




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