Discussions/remaining work:

      • Matchmaking and privacy filtering
      • needs vs. preferences expressed by user (GPII-1749)
      • Extending the available dispositions (to include pointers on whether to launch or not, etc)
      • What solutions to start on login?
      • When to kill solutions on login?
      • Handling difficult use cases, such as:
      • app 1 does both "stickyKeys" and "slowKeys" and app 2 does both "slowKeys" and "debounceKeys" - what do/should we do then?
      • "non-nested overlapping functions"
      • a combined AT such as a magnifier + screen reader, however its screen reader is not very good and can't be disabled
      • Shared ontologies in solutions registry (GPII-1745)
      • inversion support
      • We need access to all the solutions registries
      • "apptology" - shortcomings
      • (eg. transformations between settings and apptology - eg. what settings would be required to deduce that a solution is a screenreader)
      • what types of solutions should go in here (effectively meaning that they are considered conflicting)
      • Multi-layer configuration support (GPII-1746)
      • What do we do about these meta-preferences, such as:
      • "": false,
      • "": false,
      • http://registry\\.gpii\\.net/common/slowKeysEnable: false
      • should they have some sort of different status from others (ie. could they be our solution to the use case with multiple apps overlapping the same functionality)

      Primary Goals:

      • Have a system that doesn't launch all screen readers at once
      • Have a system that separately knows how (and when) to launch a solution versus just configure
      • Have a system that understands complex interactions between solutions (eg. windows high contrast theme and mouse cursor size)
      • Have a system that understands effects adaptions on multiple layers (OS, AT, browsers, browser AT, webpages)




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