Implement the "makeConfigurable" and "isConfigurable" functionality. That is, the option to add a clause to the solutionsregistry, describing how to check whether that solution can be configured and if not, how to make it so that it is configurable.

      The motivation for implementing this functionality were originally to ensure that applications like Read and Write Gold, JAWS, NVDA and other applications that stores their settings in a file can be used without having to manually run them first. The problem was that neither of these applications have a settingsfile until they're run the first time. Not having a settingsfile would cause the GPII to crash when attempting to read the settings before setting them. This issue has been solved via GPII-2006, which updates the settingshandlers to simply report 'undefined' values for the settings in question, when a settingsfile doesn't exist.

      There are other use cases for this functionality though, for example:

      • a proper wizard might need to be run to initialize an application
      • an application might require a certain set of settings to be present in the settingsfile (and not only the settings defined by the user) - in this case some content would need to be written to the settings file before it was valid. (in this case, makeConfigurable should take advantage of a settingshandlers ability to settings to files see GPII-2057)
      • An application might need to further register itself on first run in the windows registry


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