As described in GPII-2076, the matchmaker is currently choosing to use the google chrome plugin instead of more suitable solutions, due to the lack of understanding the multi-layer concept (GPII-1998). We should disable the chrome plugin until the matchmaker has support for the effectology.

      Proper version:

      The matchmaker currently launches odd stuff, such as google chrome when logging in with some user like sammy (who would usually get magnification) – see GPII-2076. The problem is that the Canopy Matchmaker is actually working, but without the multilayer support. This means that when logging in with Sammy, the google chrome plugin (which supports both magnification and font-size) is a better match than the windows magnifier (which only supports magnification). They're conflicting in their support for magnification, so only the best match is activated (ie. google chrome plugin).

      We considered three options:
      1) "Disable" the google chrome plugin from the solutions registry
      2) Update all the relevant NP sets so they have priority for other solutions than chrome
      3) Implement multilayer support in the MM

      For a short-term and quick solution (3) is out of scope. The details of the implementation required can be found in GPII-1998. While (2) would work, it would mean adjusting a lot of NP sets, and also mean that new NP sets might require the same priority (depending on the prefs it contains). For this reason, we have decided that (1) this can be done by making it always report as not-installed and is found to be the most suitable solution: it is very non-disruptive for the remainder of the framework/tests/etc., we keep the entry and related tests and thereby ensuring that it doesn't go stale, and not the least: the plugin is pretty outdated, so this entry wasn't really useful for us for now.


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