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Determine if the current Journaller UI is sufficient for recovering from hardware sensitivity test errors




      At the moment, the Journaller component offers a fairly minimal, technicall-oriented user interface for restoring the settings of a system in cases where a failure has occurred. It is documented in kavya's test plan here, on page 29:


      Quoting from this document, the steps to recover from a crash or error using the Journaller's UI are:

      • Restart the GPII double clicking GPII icon on desktop after system crash
      • Navigate to http://localhost:8080/journal/journals.html - A formatted list of available snapshots will appear
      • Pick the first item from the list, which should be timestamped to the point of logon at user “Sammy” log on from above tests

      While this user experience isn't polished enough for the shipping GPII, it's hopefully sufficient for our hardware sensitivity tests, where users will be assisted by Han Cho in cases of major problems.

      Sandra Ellett-Salmoran and kavya, perhaps it makes sense for you to work with Whitney Quesenbery to get set up with GPII and have a look at the actual experience of using the journaller as described in the QA test plan, to determine if it's viable for the hardware sensitivity tests. If not, perhaps we can use this ticket to describe quick fixes that will make it viable.

      We should also work on a set of user-friendly instructions—"What to do if you encounter a problem with the GPII while testing"—that we can send to hardware sensitivity test participants.


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