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Reorganize repos and code for nexus-demos and nexus-client



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      Currently, the "client side" code for the Nexus exists in two of Simon Bates repos:

      We want to get to the following state (the anticipated sequence of work is the same as the order below):

      Reorganized Code

      Some of the code in nexus-demos represents generic functionality (or specific functionality that could be made generic) that concern integrating various components with the Nexus, such as:

      • in-browser components connected to Nexus components
      • connecting "real world" hardware such as sensors and braille keyboards to the Nexus via various drivers (node-based and otherwise)
      • peer construction code that currently needs to be run to make the Nexus "aware" of the kinds of devices that will be connected to it in a certain scenario
      • code that emulates "real world" hardware such as sensors being connected to the Nexus, to ease development and testing

      Where possible and reasonable, this functionality should be extracted to common sets of components that exist in the nexus-client repo.

      Repo Locations

      • the nexus-client should be a part of the GPII organization repo
      • the nexus-demos should be part of the fluid-studios organization repo

      Caveat to point #2 - this must follow the "Reorganized code" step above to ensure test coverage - following the reorganization we can expect nexus-demos to be a lightweight repo

      Reorganized Demos

      The demo code should be reorganized / modularized towards the following ends:

      • The demos are easy to find and run (by non Nexus experts). This could include:
        • Vagrant configs to run a specific demo 
        • Separate "science lab" and "musical instrument" demos
        • A combined Nexus / Nexus demos Vagrant config

      Ideally, someone who is not Alan/Simon (or another "Nexus expert") should simply be able to run vagrant up, then connect to an appropriate port on the VM to serve the demos and see the Nexus in action.





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