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Remaining acceptance test failure on Windows for cursors under os_common



      After the merge of Cindy Qi Li's pull https://github.com/GPII/universal/pull/746 for an improved fix to GPII-3653, our Windows acceptance tests are in much better shape. They no longer crash out, and the high contrast theme operates properly.
      However, we have one remaining acceptance test failure - when running the os_common test fixtures, we have a mismatch in the expected settings, which occurs in the "cursors" block of the registry settingsHandler. The mismatch is as follows:

      13:29:32.545:  jq: FAIL: Module "gpii.tests.acceptance.windows.builtIn.config tests" Test name "Testing os_common - magnifier and keyboard both running on startup" - Message: Checking that settings are set - at sequence position 17 of 29
      13:29:32.546:  jq: Expected: {
              "com.microsoft.windows.cursors": [
                      "settings": {
                          "No": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\no_l.cur",
                          "Hand": "",
                          "Help": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\help_l.cur",
                          "Wait": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\busy_l.cur",
                          "Arrow": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\arrow_l.cur",
                          "NWPen": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\pen_l.cur",
                          "SizeNS": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\size4_l.cur",
                          "SizeWE": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\size3_l.cur",
                          "SizeAll": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\move_l.cur",
                          "UpArrow": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\up_l.cur",
                          "SizeNESW": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\size1_l.cur",
                          "SizeNWSE": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\size2_l.cur",
                          "AppStarting": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\wait_l.cur"
      13:29:32.549:  jq: Actual: {
              "com.microsoft.windows.cursors": [
                      "settings": {
                          "No": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\aero_unavail.cur",
                          "Hand": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\aero_link.cur",
                          "Help": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\aero_helpsel.cur",
                          "Wait": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\aero_busy.ani",
                          "Arrow": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\aero_arrow.cur",
                          "NWPen": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\aero_pen.cur",
                          "SizeNS": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\aero_ns.cur",
                          "SizeWE": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\aero_ew.cur",
                          "SizeAll": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\aero_move.cur",
                          "UpArrow": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\aero_up.cur",
                          "SizeNESW": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\aero_nesw.cur",
                          "SizeNWSE": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\aero_nwse.cur",
                          "AppStarting": "%SystemRoot%\\cursors\\aero_working.ani"

      To me, the "actual" value seems much more logical, but I know that JJ - Javier Jaramago Fernández has commented at some points about why the value of the "Hand" cursor has for a while been anomalous and perhaps can explain why the Windows acceptance tests have expected this to be the empty string? My inclination at the moment is to just correct the acceptance tests to expect the "%SystemRoot%\\cursors
      aero_link.cur" value, but it would be good to understand what is going here.




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