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Implement new API and core function to allow reread of settings during session




      A new use case has emerged from HyperAspect's current work implementing the volume control button for GPII-3881. It is necessary to make reasonable efforts to ensure that the state of the button - the volume setting and mute status, do not get significantly out of step with the operating system's current values. It was determined at this week's Morphic meeting that the QuickStrip/GPII app would issue a read for these values whenever the volume dialog was opened.
      This requires additions to the bus (historically named "PSPChannel") that is used to communicate between the core and the GPII app, as well as a new LifecycleManager action type to represent and implement the query.
      Suggested draft API:
      The app sends a message of the form:

          type: "pullModel",
          value: {
              "settingControls": {
                  "http://registry.gpii.net/common/volume": {
                      value: true

      The LifecycleManager will push this through inverse matchMaking in the usual way, determine which SettingsHandlers need to be queried, update its session values which will then naturally cause the standard "modelChanged" message to be emitted back out via the PSPChannel.

      We should take this opportunity to standardise the incoming PSPChannel API so that it uses the standard "sendTypedMessage" format that the incoming one does, and also remove the strange hack that is operated by "gpii.pspChannel.adjustPreferenceMessage" in PSPChannel.js . This means that the incoming messages that are currently received will take the form of "modelChanged" messages directed against the PSPChannel's session, just as the outgoing ones are, leaving room for the new "pullModel" messages to be distinguished by the new type field.


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