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Implement "environmental logon" awareness in core and PSPChannel in order to support "My Saved Settings"



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      As part of the new round of UX being implemented to replace the last remnants of the PSP UI, there is a "My Saved Settings" UI specified at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HfHK9ki__PEI3S8Z1E-yax0-0IUcWq-QnaiLpulWUn4/edit#heading=h.lh9499m3nl66

      In particular, there is a requirement of the UI to be aware of whether an "environmental logon" has been applied as part of the machine's OS configuration. Currently the only kind of environmental logon we support is the Nova keyless signin, but if/when we implement the "Auto keyin with user folder", this would be another example of an environmental login.

      This requirement appears at the following points in the wireframes:

      In "State 3B" on page 2 under "Case 1: When nobody is keyed in", the system needs to be aware that a Windows logon auto-keyin is available and display a different UI state. These are shown on page 4 and include a "Re-apply my preferences" button.

      In order to implement this, firstly, the core must have registered that an environmental logon has occurred during this session. Note that for the "listener class system" being implemented for https://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-3936 we are already providing a route for extra information to be transmitted by the user listener in order to encode its special status, and storing this in the architecture, so this work will involve touching several of the same sites in the code.
      Secondly, the core will encode this information in the (now singleton) LifecycleManagerSession which is readable by the PSPChannel, indicating to the app's model that such a keyin has ever been used in this session.
      Thirdly, we will need to create a route whereby the app can easily trigger a re-logon using this credential, if for some reason (e.g. the "reset to standard" function has been activated) the user has become logged out. For the convenience of the app code this should be a self-contained function attached to the LifecycleManager called something like "replayEnvironmentalLogin" which will then replicate the action of the "tokenArrived" userListener - I imagine we could assume that no environmental listener will be of the "proximity" type so we could have this invoke the LifecycleManager's "performLogin" method directly.




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