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Many FlowManager/LifecycleManager definitions are anomalously named and structured



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      As we were on a little tour of the architecture assessing how to implement GPII-3988 (see http://irc-logs.fluidproject.org/%23fluid-work/%23fluid-work.2019-07-04.log ) we discovered quite a number of definitions around the flowManager and lifecycleManager that were misleadingly named and poorly structured. These included:

      i) There is a setSettings method on the flowManager which does nothing, unless it has been overridden by the untrusted flowManager.
      ii) There is an event on the LifecycleManager named "preferencesUserUpdated" which does not fire if none of the updated settings have the "autosave" metadata applied in the preferences file. Since noone in practice ever does this, this event never fires. In any case, it should be renamed something like "onAutoSaveRequired"
      iii) The so-called "trusted" variant of the flowManager's workflow appeals to the existence of a "PreferencesDataSource" attached as a subcomponent. In practice, the only configuration of the flowManager which defines this is the "cloudBased" config - so we have the situation that a notionally "local" flowManager has to derive from a "cloudBased" configuration in order to signal that it is "trusted"

      Resolving the 3rd point would require us to devote some engineering effort to a configuration of the FlowManager that is not likely to be required during this project, so we can shelve it, but just for our own safety in navigating around the code, we should try to do something about the other points.




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