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Capture Tool (Snapshotter) does not pick up default Active JAWS voice profile



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      gpii-app / local flowmanager on windows with JAWS


      This ticket is a specific scenario of a more broad problem described in GPII-2046, and describes problems with capturing settings from an existing setup of JAWS.

      When a preference set containing JAWS settings is keyed in to a machine, the settings are applied to 2 files on the machine:

      ${{environment}.APPDATA}\\Freedom Scientific\\JAWS\\2019\\Settings\\enu\\DEFAULT.JCF
      ${{environment}.APPDATA}\\Freedom Scientific\\JAWS\\2019\\Settings\\VoiceProfiles\\GPII.VPF

      The first file is a default for all voice profiles which should be fine. The second is our hardcoded GPII voice profile which the INI settings handler should create if it doesn't exist yet. This is fine for applying settings from an existing preference set.
      The issue for the capture tool is that we need to collect the settings from the users current set up.  In this case the DEFAULT.JCF file might still be ok, but we will need to detect the current active voice profile and use those settings for capture.  It's not clear yet if this should be done in general for the JAWS support, which would mean we stop using a hardcoded GPII.VPF, or if there should just be a special configuration for capturing...


      Additionally if this is being done on a computer where a user with JAWS settings has never keyed, currently no settings are being captured. (I'm not sure yet if the absence of GPII.VPF stops the DEFAULT.JCF ini handler from getting settings)


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