From discussions the past week or so concerning customizing the buttons on the QSS as well as tooling under development to edit that configuration, we need to onboard the QSS portion (if not more) of the morphic site config.

      Currently, tooling being developed configures the buttons being displayed: .

      However it seems likely the user may want to configure anything inside of the qss area of properties:

      We'll need to add these as an entry in the solutions registry.  At a first glance it seems like these will all be strictly application specific preferences/settings, but perhaps there are some that could be mapped to generic preferences.

      What type of settings handlers should these be configured as?  It seems like there are two possibilities:

      • First, we could write a custom settings handler that would connect to the in-process gpii-app/flowmanager/morphic and update the QSS layout on key-in and/or key-out.
      • Second, since the morphic QSS already has various event listeners for key-in/key-out, and it has access to the pspChannel model(listners), Morphic could just use it's own listeners to read/write the QSS solution entry and adjust itself. In that case the solutions registry entry could just use a sort of nop/identity settings handler as a placeholder, the solutions entry would exist mostly for documentation and json-schema validation purposes.


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