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The localFlowManager should download the solutions registry on system start



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      This task appears on the current timeline document https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Sb11f3GphvDWBAk2Q2wk57-GKs0KMPLn/edit?ts=5d96421b#gid=1396572413 on line 98
      The approach agreed by the team at the architecture meeting of 11/12/19 takes the following structure:
      i) The cloud deployment scripts for the cloud FlowManager should note into a small JSON file at the project root the full git hash of the revision of gpii-universal which is being deployed into the cloud
      ii) A new, very simple, endpoint is added to to the CBFM which reports this hash. This will be of general operations help in any case in order that any user can quickly determine what version of the codebase they are connecting with
      iii) Code is inserted into the LFM which requests this hash on startup, and from it, computes the raw github content URL from which it can be fetched, e.g. for current master this is of the form https://raw.githubusercontent.com/GPII/universal/32759c38f9e1a5a38072f8c5e60b02a5d20969d7/testData/solutions/win32.json5
      iv) This fetch process is added to the general flowManagerReady interlock which has just been added in the GPII-3828 work at https://github.com/GPII/universal/pull/820/files#diff-b495ca9553a00e8dcdfdd74e69e534aaR220 to delay reported startup of the FlowManager
      v) If the fetch terminates in an I/O error or timeout (which should be fairly short), the system falls back to a) the most recently fetched SR, b) the standard built-in SR in the local instance of gpii-universal as before


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