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Documentation on building installer



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      As a GPII Developer, I want to have the documentation on the technologies used for the installer and instructions on how to build it available.

      Success or Acceptance Criteria

      1. This documentation should reside in markdown files in the github repository referenced in UX-97.
      2. The documentation should give instructions on how to install any necessary windows dependencies, and a clear set of PowerShell invocations that are necessary to run the build that results in the final .msi file.
      3. The documentation should contain instructions on how to edit the configuration to allow:
        1. Customizing the icons and launchers placed on the desktop, start menu, and startup folder. The intention here is minor branding changes (APCP logo, LGS logo, etc) and minor changes in command switches that may be used to start the GPII and other code included in the build.
        2. Instructions on how to configure the folder of code that is included in the build. At the time of writing, installing the GPII mostly consists of copying a large folder of artifacts to a location in Program Files or wherever the user specifies. It should be clear how to specify this folder, either wholesale with a custom distribution of code, or to modify the scripts that assemble the 'default' version. This in particular may require several feedback cycles with the architecture team to determine what is in the 'default' version.
        3. Assuming a build toolchain that still uses Wix, these bullet points would consist of examples on how to make changes to the Product.wxs, Setup.wixproj, and other xml configuration files.


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